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I offer a complimentary introductory lesson to all prospective students. 

To schedule your first lesson please call or email

Tel:07377 454280 or email:

45 minute lesson - £45

Book 5 lessons in advance – £200 (to be completed within 6 weeks)

Book 10 in advance – £400 (to be completed within 12 weeks)


60 minute lesson - £55

5 lesson pre paid - £250

10 lessons pre paid - £500

I also offer a home lesson service for an additional fee based on travel time and distance

Lessons can include instruction in any of the following:

Vocal pedagogy

Live performance

Studio singing & recording techniques

Microphone technique

Learning to sing harmony

Health and wellness for the touring musician

Singing while playing an instrument


Voice health and projection for public speakers such as workshop leaders, teachers and fitness instructors



Half day (4 hours)  - £250

Full day (8 hours) - £450


Studio Singing and Recording - how to record in a professional studio or a home setting.

Live Performance - teaching people new to amplified live performance how to choose and use a microphone, how to use a sound system and mixing desk, including monitoring, eq and working with other musicians.

General Health and Wellness for the Working Musician - How to keep the body and voice healthy when singing in a less than optimal conditions or during periods of stress or while on tour.

Public Speaking – recommended for teachers, members of the clergy, fitness professionals, or anyone who needs to project louder than comfortable conversational speaking volume and learn how to engage and hold a room.

Staying Healthy and Sane While On Tour - as a certified health coach and an experienced touring musician I have learned numerous strategies to prevent illness, mental fatigue and vocal burnout.

Workshop dates will be announced as they are scheduled. To register your interest or request more information CLICK HERE

Interested in holding a workshop in your own space? Call or email for details

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