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I am an internationally acclaimed recording artist with over 25 years of recording, performing and touring experience to my name. I have worked worldwide in support and promotion of my music, I spent 19 years living and working in the US as a singer, songwriter, performer and teacher. I have relocated to St Albans and am now focusing on sharing the knowledge that I have gained from my long career as a professional singer, writer and performer.


My passion is for teaching the art of performance - bringing out the star quality of a performer. Taking someone who is good and making them great. Many people think that it is just “in you”, and although that is true for some people, raw material still needs to be refined and honed. I believe it is also a skill that can be learned by artists who don’t come easily to center stage, as I myself was one of those artists.


Aside from teaching the mechanics of singing I believe in an holistic approach for each individual. The daily pressures of life both physically and mentally take a great toll on the voice and on one’s general health overall. For the majority of my career as a working, touring artist I was also raising a family and I inevitably burned out and became quite ill with an auto immune disease. In my path to wellness I became certified as an Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Health in New York and began implementing a “voice as part of the whole” policy to my teaching and mentoring. 

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